Not everyone is familiar with the term “louvred roof.” Well, at the risk of sounding redundant, a louvred roof is a roof made up of louvres. Of course, the question to ask now is…

What is a Louvre?

A louvre is a horizontal slat that’s angled to admit light and air, but keep out rain, direct light and, to some extent, noise. Louvres originated in the Middle Ages as crude wood constructions fitted into holes in the roofs of large kitchens to allow ventilation but keep out the elements. Modern louvres can be made of aluminium, metal, wood, plastic or glass. Even if you never knew what it was called, you probably see some type of louvre every day since they are commonly found in window blinds and shutters. The angle of the louvres may be adjustable or fixed. Our adjustable aluminium louvers can be opened and closed either manually or through motorized operators.

Dan-Neil Adjustable Aluminium Louvre awning/roofs

Our louvres bring ventilation and rain protection to your patio. When the louvres come together in the closed position, they form functional rain channels that are channelled into a hidden facia gutter system. We use extruded, thick gauge aluminium that stands up to bad weather and stays rust-free for years and years. So, if you’re looking for a well-made louvred roof with functionality and plenty of options, look no further than Dan-Neil Lifestyle Awning Solutions


In addition to protecting your patio from rain, our louvre system serves to improve your outdoor living environment by letting you control its temperature and lighting. The adjustable louvre system can limit harsh brightness of the midday sun. In some positions, the vented angle of the louvres can naturally cool off the air on your patio. Finally, though louvres are generally seen as a practical element in the language of modern architecture rather than an aesthetic one, we think they look pretty great, too.