Aluminium Adjustable Pramhood Awnings

Designed in 1938 years Pramhood Awnings are ideal for areas that get the early morning sun or  those long, lingering sunsets.

Simply adjust the angle to suit your requirements. Acknowledged by most in the industry as the most practical and versatile design of all time. Available in a full range of colours. Can be single or duel coloured.

Made from ‘virgin’ aluminium (no impurities) mined in South Africa and comes with a long term factory guarantee against corrosion, fading and blistering.

  • Pramhood Awnings have truly ‘stood the test of time’.
  • Changing the angle against the sun is done using ropes and pulleys – where necessary units can be motorized.
  • Designed to provide sun in winter and shade in summer.
  • Simply adjust to get the right angle to the sun as you need to.

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