Aluminium Cladding, Sunscreen Louvre Awnings & Dropline Blinds

Aluminium Cladding is great to protect and insulate offices, factories or your home. With the high energy costs in South Africa, the reduced need for air conditioning or heating by strategically fitting aluminium cladding, it can help lower your overheads substantially.

Aluminium cladding is not only functional, but also looks great. The aluminium cladding comes in a range of different colours, designs, choose the style that best suits your requirements.

Sunscreen Louvre Awnings allow you to create a shaded area to relax in. The Sunscreen louvre can also be used to substitute curtains, blinds or a full roof cover on a patio, deck or windows. Our Sunscreen Louvres are made from high quality aluminium and are manufactured to withstand our South African weather.

Change the look of your home, office or factory at the same time cool the place down

  • Use less energy – airconditioned fans and heaters.
  • Various designs and solutions available.