Classic Wedge & Curved Aluminium Awnings

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Shapes available:

  • Heron – Wedge shape with side panel.
  • Flamingo – Curved shape with side panels.
  • Raven – As the wedge shape above except no side panels.

Classic Window and Door Awnings.

  • These awnings are perfect for providing cover over doors, windows and larger patio and balcony spaces.
  • Aluminium components only – Guaranteed no corrosion, fading or blistering.
  • Made up using front and back panels allows you to choose single or duel coloured options to suit your needs.
  • Full range of colours to choose from.
  • Available in sizes to suit most requirements.


  • Installed and DIY options available upon request.
  • Long term factory guarantees against corrosion and paint degradation.
  • For you, a good long term investment.