Patio Ceiling Roofs

Patio Ceiling Roofs

The Custom Designed Patio Ceiling Roofs brings you outdoor ceilings with or without down lights – create a sophisticated ambiance.

At Dan-Neil Awnings we don’t sell awnings – we provide lifestyle.

  • The Patio Ceiling Roof Systemis a ceiling and roof in one.
  • Quality, even finish. Classy look.
  • Cool and comfortable.
  • Can be combined with louvre sectionswhere required.
  • Can be enclosed in glass or soft drop blinds – ensures outdoor lifestyle all year round.

  • Add down lights and extend your outdoor lifestyle into the night.
  • ‘Low to no’ maintenance– simply wipe down occasionally.
  • Available in Aluminium or PVC- to meet your budget
  • Enhances your outdoor lifestyle and property– all in one
  • Full surround hidden box gutter system connected to a down pipe.